Thursday, August 24, 2017

Some Historic Quay County Schools

Norton School (Pinterest)
Here is a list of Quay County, New Mexico schools in 1908:
Tucumcari, Revuelto, Endee, Puerto, Quay, Montoya, Ojodellano, Moore, Pajarito, Dodson, San Jon, Allen, Ogle, Lloyd, Liberty,  New Home, Pleasant Valley, Smith, House, Mountain View, Barancos, Erwin, Grady, Hollene, Brake, Jerrell, Hemlock, Rice, Buttles, Norton, Shady Grove, Logan, Nara Visa, Baker, Charco, Drake, Ward, Bell, Walker, Muniz, Dunlap, York, Phillips, Mount Valley, Paradise, Blair, Hope, Jonesville, Perry, Bonito, Jordan, Plain, McAlister, Borquez, Ford, Curry, Alamo, Landon, Kirk, Art, Hassell, Eagleson, Antioch, Forrest, Stockton, Kelley, and McDearman.
It comes from the Quay County Poll Tax Collection List of 1908, reproduced in "High Plains History" by Don McAlavy and Harold Kilmer. Some of the schools (Grady, Hollene, perhaps others), were located in what's now Curry County.

Plain School, 1906 (Pinterest)

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