Monday, March 19, 2018

Looking Around: All Buildings Are Interesting

stone springhouse mosquero new mexico
Springhouse (I assume) Mosquero, New Mexico (Sixgun Siding)
(McMansion Hell) Consider this statement: All buildings are interesting. There is not a single building that isn’t interesting in some way. 
To say that something is interesting is not a qualitative statement - it does not imply that all buildings are “good” or “bad,” or that all buildings are Important Architecture® - only that they are interesting.
When I tweeted this idea, several folks responded in the comments with buildings they thought were Not Interesting, yet somehow interesting enough to warrant a web search, image download, and a response to the tweet. Most of these buildings were part of our everyday mundane American landscape: a university building, a ranch house, an Applebee’s. However, as the discussion unfurled, it quickly became evident that even the most quotidian buildings are, in fact, interesting. Continued

kmart tucumcari new mexico
Big Kmart, Tucumcari (Sixgun Siding)

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