Monday, December 12, 2016

The Spikes - Gholson Feud

The Spikes brothers, playing with guns.
(Digging History) This family feud simmered quite awhile before it ended in the early 1900’s in eastern New Mexico, in an area now known as Quay County. 
The feud began in east Texas during the Civil War when the two patriarchs of the Spikes and Gholson families crossed paths, or should I say just “crossed.”
John Wesley Spikes (see this week’s Tombstone Tuesday article here in case you missed it) was a member of the Texas 12th Cavalry, whose job was rounding up draft evaders.  During the Civil War men were often recruited with the “point-of-a-gun” rather than willingly join the cause. Continued
Mesa Redonda, Quay Valley, NM, a beautiful place for a shootout.

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